According to reports, when the users snoozes an email that has dates and times, they get a one-tap option to snooze to exactly the right time. Then, the email will appear at the top of their inbox when it is most critical for them to see it.

Also, it differs from the regular menu by adding an extra one-tap line to certain emails.

The types of emails that the option will cover include package tracking updates, restaurant and event reservations, calendar invites, flight confirmations, hotel reservations and rental car reservations.

Google had earlier rolled out the 'Undo' feature in its web-based email service 'Gmail'. In a blog post, Google had said it is enabling an "Undo Send" button that has been in beta testing in Google Labs since 2009.

However, a Gmail user can only cancel the delivery of the sent email within 30 seconds of hitting the send button. So, the user can modify his/her sent message after retrieving it back from the sending process within 5-30 seconds time limit.