It is a small nevertheless a useful feature and a good way to allow Inbox users know how to better take advantage of the app's features.

Recently, Google rolled out the 'Undo' feature in its web-based email service 'Gmail'. In a blog post, Google said it is enabling an "Undo Send" button that has been in beta testing in Google Labs since 2009.

However, a Gmail user can only cancel the delivery of the sent email within 30 seconds of hitting the send button. So, the user can modify his/her sent message after retrieving it back from the sending process within 5-30 seconds time limit.

Gmail account holders can activate the new 'Undo' changes in 'General' tab under 'Settings' menu.  Currently available only in web version of Gmail, Google will soon extend the feature to its Gmail app version.

Last month, Google has enabled the 'undo send' feature in its email management application named 'Inbox', designed for mobile devices.