1.    Restricted Profile: This feature allows users to restrict app usage and content consumption. However, this feature is only available on Android tablets

2.    Bluetooth Smart Ready: This would allow the device run by android 4.3 to support low-energy Bluetooth smart accessories like heart rate monitors, thermometers etc.

3.    Dial-pad Auto complete: This feature introduces the auto complete feature, suggesting contact names or phone numbers when the user keys-in something on the dial-pad.

4.    Notification Access: This feature allows users to control and access the data notification on the status bar.

5.    Opel GL ES 3.0: This feature provides users with high quality graphics which enhances the users’ gaming experience.

6.    Simplified Set-up Wizard: This feature allows the user to change the information that he or she initially keyed in during the first system boot.

7.    Bluetooth AVRCP: This feature enables the user to sync the Android device with Bluetooth enabled car stereos and offers additional functionality.

8.    Location accuracy: This feature allows the device to access location information through Wi-Fi, even when the Wi-Fi option is switched off.

9.    Keyboard and Input: This feature enables easy text input when the user is chatting or composing e-mails.

10.    Hindi Support: With this feature Google introduces Hindi in the native language support system.