According to a Google Research Blog, Google has launched the Google Handwriting Input, which lets users handwrite text on their Android mobile device as an additional input method for any Android app.

Google Handwriting Input supports 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts, and works with both printed and cursive writing input with or without a stylus.

Beyond text input, it also provides a fun way to enter hundreds of emojis by drawing them (simply press and hold the ‘enter’ button to switch modes). Google Handwriting Input works with or without an Internet connection.

Google can also locate your missing smartphone and you can view its location on the Google Map with the help of 'Find My Phone' feature. Not only this, the Google can even ring it for you.

According to a Google Plus post, the users can now ask Google to find their Android phone from the desktop. Google can even ring it if its hiding nearby.  The users can also see it on the map.

To avail the feature, the users have to get the latest version of the Google app and an active GPS to locate it.
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Find My Phone is as simple as a web query. Just open a Google omnibox and type 'find my phone' to display a map that reveals the phone's current resting place.