The nexus TV is believed to provide many facilities that all the contemporaries fail to deliver. According to reports, it will run on Google’s Android operating system that may also stream videos from YouTube along with a collection of diverse video games. Currently, there is no information about the protocol that video games will follow in order to get a spot on this device.

Speculations also say that this set-to-box may also contain a Kinect-like motion sensor and could be controlled with an Android smartphone. A purpose-built touchpad remote is also believed to enhance the working capabilities of this device.

Nexus TV will allow the people to stream content from the Internet like Netflix, Hulu; but will most probably not feature the live broadcast option. This would be Google’s second attempt into the television industry as the company had early launched a small HDMI plug-in that looks like a memory stick for streaming content to the television, named Chromecast.