The post by Google titled ‘Explorers’ starts with description of the type of people who have been associated with the project and then describes the kind of questions.

The post, titled 'Explorers', begins with description of the type of people who have been involved with the project and then goes on to describe the type of questions.

Detailing the need for the guide, the post says: "The first Explorers were developers from Google I/O 2012 and people who told us what they would do #ifihadglass. Since then, we've continued to expand the Explorer Program. We're at the start of a long journey and we're looking to our Explorers to help us develop this new technology. Since the program started, our Explorers have gotten a lot of attention when they wear Glass out and about. Reactions range from the curious - Wow! Are those the 'Google glasses'? How do they work? - to the suspect - Goodness gracious do those things see into my soul?"

Though the Google Glass will not help look into a person's soul, the list of 'Do’s' as published by the Google, it tells the Glass users to explore the world, make use of voice commands, seek permission before photographing or recording people, use the glass screen lock and be an active member on the Glass Explorer Community.

The list of 'Don'ts', mentions a series of points to avoid going way too much into the personal lives of people.

It also asks not to stare at screen and reading too intently (Glass-out) in order to avoid make the people feel uncomfortable, not wearing the glasses while trying extreme outdoor activities, reply queries about it in a polite manner and flouting rules regarding the usage of the device. Google, in other words has asked the users to avoid being a ‘Glasshole’ (Google's own words).

From what has been mentioned in the list, it’s a sincere effort by Google to educate the Glass Explorer.

US has already said that it is looking into laws to ban wearing it while driving and indulging in other activities.

Though the suggestions should form a part of common knowledge among the users, Google has tried its part out to make the users aware regarding the appropriate usage of the device in public.