Speaking at the session, Chennapragada said that third party app support was coming to Google Now as the company plans to release an open Google Now API that will allow any third party app developer to have their service featured on Google's smart assistant.

According to a Next Web report, Google Now will display data from individual's app usage patterns. Chennapragada also said that it will also deliver notifications to the user as per trend.

Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google, is available within the Google Search mobile application for Android, and iOS, as well as the Google Chrome web browser on personal computers.

Google Now uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of web services.

Along with answering user-initiated queries, Google Now proactively delivers information to the user that it predicts they will want, based on their search habits.

It was first included in Android 4.1 ('Jelly Bean'), which launched on July 9, 2012. The service was made available for iOS on April 29, 2013 in an update to the Google Search app, and later for Google Chrome on March 24, 2014.