Have you ever wished to own a car which can operate on its own? Well, soon your wish will finally come true. The technology giant 'Google' is only one step ways from launching their 'driverless car' to the masses

At present, Google's 70  driverless cars are on road in California for testing and the tech giant is ready to take its technology to the masses.  

Google is ready to give public access to its fully autonomous cars, but the California Department of Motor Vehicles isn’t quite convinced the cars are safe enough.

Currently, there is no federal framework for implementing self-driving cars to the public. States are responsible for making their own regulations for testing and commercial purposes. But most states have not even bothered to address the issue.

While California has regulations governing testing on public roads, it has not yet established safety standards for self-driving systems for public use. The DMV was supposed to have rules in place by January 1, 2015, but almost a year later there are still no rules and Google is growing impatient.

Car makers like General Motors, BMW, and Tesla — are already rolling out driver assistance systems that boast semi-autonomous features, Google wants its public debate whether or not there should be complete autonomous on driving which will mean that the driver will not have to worry about taking over the wheels. The company has not yet given a clear date as to when its tech would be safe enough for public use, but Google strongly hinted that it's pretty close.