The rare glimpse into financial figures typically kept private by Google and Apple was provided by an Oracle attorney during a court hearing in San Francisco last week, according to Bloomberg.
A transcript of the proceeding was not among documents available at the court's digital filing system today, in the wake of a move by Google lawyers to have it redacted and sealed.
An Oracle attorney had revealed that Google, a subsidiary of corporate parent Alphabet, paid a billion dollars in the year 2014 alone to secure its position as the default search engine on iPhones, Bloomberg reported.
Google lawyers argued that Oracle "improperly disclosed highly sensitive, confidential information" regarding revenues and profits related to its Android mobile operating software, a copy of the motion showed.
Android revenue details cited by an Oracle attorney in open court last week had been labeled "Highly Confidential - Attorney's Eyes Only," Google contended. According to Bloomberg, an Oracle lawyer also said in court that Google had USD 22 billion in profit from Android, which it makes available free to mobile device makers.