Android Wear has close to the some 1,500 watch faces already available. The fact that watch-faces are not available on the Apple Watch, may allow Google Android Wear seem more customizable to potential buyers.

Google recently announced  major updates for its Android Wear software for smartwatches in a bid to increase usability and access to a range of information and apps right on one's wrist.

The slew of new features include always-on modes to provide useful information such as locations on a map or lists -- all available to the eye without turning on the screen -- increased Wi-Fi function, extra usability gestures and the ability to draw emojis, according to the official Google Blog.

The new function allows users to respond to a message by drawing a picture -- e.g., a smiley face or thumbs up -- and Android Wear translates the picture into a corresponding emoji using a new handwriting recognition technology launched by Google last week.