New Delhi: In order to be more convenient and convincing for the users, Google on Wednesday unveiled its new digital mapping service. Google demonstrated 3D models of individual buildings and entire cities during the launch event. The 3D service, known as Google Imagery, will be offering 3D cityscapes to users and because this will all be computer generated, users will be able to manipulate and maneuver the 3D cities. It will also allow the users to zoom in and out as well as have the traditional street and building views.

Besides 26 million miles of driving directions, Google's maps will now include imagery of most of the world's neighborhoods. Google also has traversed 5 million miles to take ground-level photos of communities for a feature called Street View.

The company also disclosed that its planes will photograph swaths of major cities to conjure more realistic three-dimensional views in the Google Earth version of its maps. The photos taken by the planes are automatically converted into 3-D by a technology developed by Google for the project.

San Francisco will be one of the first cities to feature the more vivid 3-D imagery.


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