According to reports, the new update separates the login process where earlier users needed to enter their username and password on the same page.

The users will now have to enter your username and then they will be directed to a second page where users will have to enter the password.

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According Google, the change was implemented to prepare for “future authentication systems that complement passwords.”

"As we’ve said many times, we're working towards introducing new authentication solutions that complement traditional passwords. We’ve already separated the ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields onto separate pages on a successful launch in Android last year. This change to our web sign-in page is another step in that direction," Jordan, Gmail Community Manager said.

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Google has already updated its mobile Gmail app for Android device users to allow them to manage multiple email accounts from a single program. The new app aggregates email from rival services such as Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook, among others.

Gmail had allowed users to access multiple accounts from desktop computers, but the new app aims to seamlessly integrate the various email services in a unified inbox with search and preview capability.