Unlike Windows and Mac laptops, Chromebook relies heavily on continuous Internet connection to run Google and other online services. Another fallback that chrome users face is that the apps don't run directly on the device but require an internet connection to be operational.
The price of the Chromebook 11 is in line with other Chromebook using Chrome OS but the new model sports many design features that are usually found on pricier devices. The laptop has plastic frame with no sharp edges or corners. Its display is 11.6 inches measured diagonally and it weighs less than 2 pounds.

Speakers are tucked under the keyboard so that sound comes out toward the user, even when the laptop is used on the lap, a feature that sets it aside from which devices with speakers on the back or the bottom.

The laptop comes in white and black colour variants. The white model has a choice of four accents around the keyboard and under the device: blue, red, yellow and green.