A user has to just type the name connection's name into the email's recipient field, and send the message. According to Google, the new feature will make it easier for people to communicate with their friends. Users who did not wish to receive email messages from other people on Google+ could switch the settings so that they receive messages only from people they have added to their networks of friends or from no one at all.

However some privacy advocates are against the idea of meeting friends online this way.  According to them, Google should have made the new feature "opt-in," meaning that users should explicitly agree to receive messages from other Google+ users, rather than being required to manually change the setting.

On the positive front, the update also takes advantage of Gmail's new inbox categories: When someone in your circles emails you, the message will drop into the Primary category. Those Google+ users not yet categorized will be filtered into the social category and will be able to start a conversation only once you respond or add them to your circles.