"The bond between India and the Silicon Valley is strong. India has long been an exporter of talent to tech companies. The products built by Indian graduates from IIT and other institutions have helped revolutionise the world. But it is India that’s now undergoing its own revolution," he said in a YouTube video.
He saw great  benefits for everyone in the country as "many people will come online for the first time, especially those in rural areas and Indic language speakers".

It will also help girls learn new skills and have successful careers, power education of the next generation and help businesses of all sizes to find new customers, Pichai said.

During his US visit, Modi is also scheduled to meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and address a townhall question and answer session on September 27 at the company's headquarters in California. He is expected to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook and electric carmaker Tesla's CEO Elon Musk, among others.
"Prime Minister Modi’s Digital India vision is central to this revolution. It focuses on connecting the 1.2 billion people in India. It has received tremendous support in India and in Silicon Valley," Pichai said.
Highlighting the role played by Google, Pichai said the company as well as many others around the world are passionate about playing their part.


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