The three-and-a-half minute commercial starts with a young girl in India, Suman, listening to her grandfather narrate the memories of his childhood friend Yousuf. With teary eyes, he explains how the partition split the two pals apart, with Yousuf staying in Pakistan and him coming to India.

Distraught over the tale narrated by her grandfather, Suman takes a chance and runs a random search on Google. She googles the trivia from her grandfather’s story to connect the dots and with just a few keystrokes, pinpoint the current whereabouts of Yousuf in Lahore. With the help of Yousuf’s grandson, Suman manages to re-unite the old friends.

The ad has gone viral in India and Pakistan and has struck a cultural cord with both the countries. It also shows the power of Google search and how it can bring people closer as well as find anything and everything at the click of a button. The advertisement has been created by ad agency Ogilvy and has received over 5.3 lakh hits till now.


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