The Google Nexus 6, which was launched last year, was supposed to feature a fingerprint reader, but the company eventually decided not to include it.

According to reports, Android M will also bring the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces and will open up new markets for millions of devices to workers at small businesses.

The 'M' may also give its mobile users more control over their privacy. According to Bloomberg, Google’s Android operating system is set to give users more detailed choices over what apps can access that may include photos, contacts or location.

The feature will allow users to decide whether an app can be downloaded and the new settings would give them the option to pick and choose what an app can access, the report said.

Last year, Google unveiled Android 5.0 as 'Android L' and later named it as 'Lollipop'.

Google will also launch an online picture sharing and storage service at company’s annual software developers conference in San Francisco later this month.

The new photo tool, which will let users post images to Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc., will help Google complete with Facebook which acquired mobile photo-sharing service Instagram in 2012.