New Delhi: “Gopal Kanda is a playboy who loves to be surrounded by beautiful and sexy ladies”, said Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta, who has worked as the vice-president at Kanda's MDLR Airlines.

Mehta said that Kanda always preferred to be surrounded by gorgeous women and therefore MDLR airlines and casino employed a number of beautiful girls.

“The airlines recruited around 63 employees on the Day one and interestingly there were 60 female employees on the day when it closed,” the starlet, who was recently in news for her alleged involvement in cricket match fixing, told a website in a recent interview.

Unfolding the tale of Kanda, Mehta said that his manager, Aruna Chadha, who is co-accused in Geetika suicide case, was responsible for the supply and management of these women. As per the demands of Kanda, Chadha took out most care that these girls must be beautiful and sexy.

Mehta further revealed that the former Haryana minister had very close as well as illicit relationship with many women.

“Out of Kanda’s 39 companies, 20 have ladies at the top-most posts,” she said.

“I recruited Geetika Sharma in 2007 when she was just 17. Kanda was closely monitoring her interview on CCTV camera. Soon after the interview was over, he called her in his cabin and appointed her on the post of Trainee Cabin Crew, Mehta said.

“With time, Geetika fell into Kanda’s trap and became close to him. Kanda had illicit relationships with many of his employees. One proof of his illicit relation is Ankita Singh, who also has a child with him. In 2010, due to the shutdown of MDLR airlines, Geetika left the company and joined Emirates. This made Kanda possessive about her,’ Mehta said.


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