We knew that High court will take a decision keeping in mind the welfare of the citizens of Delhi, especially keeping in view the danger hovering over the respiratory health of children.

Since last Saturday, the samples from the permanent stations and also the samples which we have collected indicate that odd-even policy has played a role in bringing down the pollution levels.
"We hope that till January 15, we will get sufficient data. As announced earlier that the first phase of this odd-even formula will run for 15 days after which we will analyse it and also seek suggestions from experts on how to implement it in the long run. We will implement it again as and when the need arises", said Rai.
Rai, who took a bus ride across Delhi to take stock of the scheme's implementation, further said that Delhi government will provide subsidy on purchase of cycles, from the money collected as challans during the odd-even scheme's implementation period to promote cycling.
The transport minister also appealed to Delhi people to use bicycles for their daily-need every day instead of using bikes in their colonies and said that government will build cycle tracks and stands on roads.

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