Gorakhpur: All the initiatives by the state government to control encephalitis in Gorakhapur and adjoining areas have failed to derive the desired results. 10 out of 18 patients including children and elderly, who were admitted in hospitals during the past 24 hours died due to the epidemic.

Under the leadership of local BJP MP Yogi Adityanath, a procession was taken out in the region to create awareness on encephalitis. Volunteers were seen with banners and posters were pasted on vehicles to spread information about encephalitis.

According to people, the administrative machinery did not create awareness for encephalitis as it did for polio. “If polio can be checked, why not encephalitis?” asked one of the volunteers.

“It is evident that political corridors in Delhi and Lucknow are not serious about encephalitis. Why can’t political parties come together on the issue of encephalitis?” asked another.

According to sources, at least 321 encephalitis patients are being treated in various government hospitals of the region. In addition, the state government has decided to launch another round of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination Campaign in the affected districts.