Ranchi: The fast changing political equations in the state mingled with the threat looming large on his government continues to boggle Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda during his US visit.

Presently, Munda is in New York to deliver a lecture on “Democratically running a small State in India: The perspective of leaders” in the School of International & Public Affairs of Columbia University.

While it was a memorable moment for the entire state, Munda during his 45-minute speech expressed his experience and difficulties faced in managing the activities of a small state. He said, “Governing smaller States was like walking a tight-rope.”

He, however, maintained that smaller states have potential for development and economic growth.

The CM said, “A small state has a relatively a smaller legislative assembly with lesser number of people’s representatives.

If a single political party does not get an absolute majority in the elections, Government formation becomes a tedious task.

Politics of coalition now has become a reality in many states in India. No two parties have similar objectives or ideology.

Despite their differences and despite the fact that they might have contested the elections against each other, they try to make an arrangement to come to a common platform.”