The admittance by the Chief Economic Advisor that economic reforms are slow and will only pick up pace after the General elections in 2014 leaves the Centre with little to defend. The Chief economic advisor to the Finance Ministry, Kaushik Basu, on his trip to the US also said that the decision regarding economic reforms is moving at a snail’s pace. This strengthens our belief that the government has stopped functioning and is only whiling away time in the name of governance. This is not only a wastage of time but a cruel joke with the country’s future. No matter what the government says in its defence but the entire world has come to know that the Indian government is ineffective. Situation is such that the Centre is now shying away from taking important decisions. Till a few days back it was only the Indian traders who were concerned over the government’s attitude but now traders across the world along with economic analysts are of the view that the government has lost the will power to bring about economic reforms. Many have begun to believe that India has deviated from the path of economic development. It is very clear that the people sitting at the helm of affairs will be unmoved by the situation as their sole motive is to cling on to power.

The attitude adopted by the government is driving them towards their downfall. Ironically they are also putting the country’s future at stake. The deteriorating condition can be gauged from the fact that the Union Ministers themselves are raising questions on government’s decisions. What is worse that these ministers are taking the help of the media to put forward their grievances. It is not only important economic decisions which the Centre has failed to take but they have also failed on various fronts. Basu said that after the general elections India will be among the fastest growing economies of the world. There is still two years to go for the general elections and if the situation remains the same it will be difficult to come out of the mess. If the UPA government does not want to lose anything then it should not cling on to power any more. It has to realise that desperation is creeping in among the people and if the situation remains as it is then the UPA will be doomed.