New Delhi (JPN/Bureau): Beleaguered with 2G spectrum controversy and allegations of corruption, the Central government has rolled up its sleeves to face opposition in the Parliament and outside.

In the Parliament, the UPA-government will handle the salvo of the opposition, while the Congress has braced for fending off blizzards of questions outside.

Known for his image of problem-shooter, Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee will give tips to senior congress leaders to handle the situation.

Despite the assurance of top brass BJP leaders that formation of the JPC would not be the issue, it is unlikely that the saffron party will not armtwist the government on delaying of the JPC probe. That apart, the opposition party will also raise questions regarding 2G scam, price rise and CVC PJ Thomas.

According to sources, Mukherjee will hold a meeting with senior party leaders on Tuesday and will decide strategy to take on the opposition.

The government will also discuss course of action to tame the opposition and how to maintain uniformity while facing their queries.