New Delhi: Charging the opposition with stalling the Parliament, government on Wednesday said it was ready for any kind of discussion including that on price rise as per the rules and appealed to it to allow functioning of the two Houses.
The government wants smooth functioning of the Parliament to ensure passage of important pending bills, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Harish Rawat said. "We are ready for any discussion under the rules," said Rawat.
His colleague, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Shukla also said, "Government was ready for a discussion on price rise. How does it matter whether there is voting or not? What is important is holding a discussion on price rise. We will give answers to every point raised by the opposition."
Accusing the opposition of attempting to scuttle functioning of Parliament, Rawat said government wanted early passing of 31 pending bills and wanted to introduce another 24 important bills.
Asked why government was opposed to the opposition demand for adjournment motion on price rise which entails voting, Rawat said, "It has to be as per the rules. It is the constitutional rules that are coming in the way, not government."
He said that as per rules, an adjournment motion can only be brought on an issue which is of recent origin. "The price rise issue is not recent. It is an ongoing process," he told reporters.
Shukla said, "We appeal to the opposition for participating in the discussion and suggest ways to curb inflation."

Discussion without voting useless: CPM

Meanwhile, CPI(M) on Wednesday said it was useless to hold another discussion on price rise unless there is voting and suggested measures like reducing petrol prices, banning of forward trading of essential commodities and strengthening PDS to bring down prices.
"Left parties feel there is no use of holding another discussion on price rise. Already two discussions have taken place on the issue in both the last two sessions of Parliament... but the government has not initiated any concrete steps to check inflation and price rise," CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury told reporters outside the Parliament.
He said in order to put pressure on the government to initiate concrete steps to curb inflation, any discussion on price rise was "worthless".
"The discussion should only be held under the rule which entails voting, so that there is pressure built on the government to initiate concrete steps to curb inflation and check price rise," he said.
Yechury suggested that all forward trading of food commodities be banned and the taxes on petrol and diesel be reduced to help bring down their prices, besides strengthening public distribution system to distribute essential commodities.
"The government's plea of under-recoveries is not justified. The government is getting taxes of Rs 1.3 lakh crores from petrol and diesel and the subsidy is only of Rs 40,000 crores. The government is making profit of Rs 90,000 crores and putting the burden on the common man," he said.
Yechury also called for bringing back the black money stashed away abroad.