New Delhi: The UPA government sought to create a wedge among parties opposed to opening the retail sector to foreign companies, asking them to realise the politics of BJP.
"The question is not FDI as the decision to implement it is on the state governments. If the states have to decide, what are we deciding here. The only thing to be decided here is to support or oppose BJP's politics and condemn it," Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath told reporters here.
In reply to a poser on UPA's outside supporters SP and BSP opposing FDI in multi-brand retail, he said, "Speaking against FDI is a separate issue, because they can be against it. But I request all political parties to vote against the politics of will be demonstrated in the voting on Wednesday. They will be defeated today," he said.
Earlier, his deputy Rajiv Shukla said government was in touch with various parties for their support.

"We are in touch with all (parties). We have requested them to support us. FDI will not hurt the interests of farmers or small traders. In fact, it will help them," Shukla said.
While both SP and BSP had opposed FDI yesterday during a debate on the issue, they had not made it clear whether they will support the motion.
BJP leader Sushma Swaraj had asked the two parties to support the motion, saying their fears that the government could fall were "unfounded."


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