Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday asserted that his government will take all necessary steps for the development of Urdu language.

"Urdu is an important language which enhances social harmony and is also being used in official work. Government has taken several steps for its development in the past and will take more such decisions in coming months. It has also increased the budget for development of Urdu," Akhilesh said.

Speaking as the chief guest at a seminar on Urdu, Akhilesh said that a simultaneous development of Hindi and Urdu will help ensuring country's unity. Noting that both the languages are intertwined, he said that a good speech or statement lacks weight without the use of Urdu.

"This is why most of the speakers in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies use Urdu in their speech to make it more rational and effective," Akhilesh said. He said whenever Socialists have got a chance, they have tried to promote Urdu.

"It is necessary to link any language with livelihood for its development, and this is the responsibility of the government and the society," Akhilesh noted.

He said the tablets and laptops to be distributed by his government will be enabled with Urdu software along with that in English and Hindi. Earlier, Chairman of the Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju said that there is immense diversity in our composite culture.

Before the British policy of divide and rule, Urdu was the language used by ordinary people, but later under a conspiracy, Hindi and Urdu were associated with Hindus and Muslims respectively, he noted.


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