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Government confident of defeat of motion against FDI in Parliament

Publish Date: 04 Dec 2012, 01:47 PM
Last Updated: 04 Dec 2012, 01:47 PM
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We have the numbers in Houses:Kamal Nath
We have the numbers in Houses:Kamal Nath

New Delhi: Expressing confidence that the motion against FDI will be defeated in Parliament, the government on Monday hoped that parties will see through the "politics" of BJP and vote accordingly.

"I am confident that the motion moved by BJP in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will be rejected...I am urging all parties not to subscribe to the politics of BJP," Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath told reporters.

To a question on support by SP and BSP, he said he was confident that political parties will see through the politics of BJP.

"They may oppose FDI. It is for the states to decide. I am confident that parties will see through the politics of BJP...We have the numbers," he said.

His remarks came ahead of Lok Sabha taking up a motion against FDI in multi-brand retail under a rule which entails voting.


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  • Satish Chandra04 Dec 2012, 00:00 AM

    India's population is a mountain of S-H-I-T. Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray are particles of S-H-I-T in this mountain of S-H-I-T. Saying that the Congress party has the numbers to let Foreign Direct Investment sail through is like saying Shiv Sena has the numbers to jail anyone writing against particles of S-H-I-T like Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray. What matters is not who has the numbers but who has nuclear weapons. The British did not have the numbers in 1857 yet enforced their will by killing, by guns and sword, over ten million Indians in just the ten years after 1857 and continue to enforce their will today of which the ability of Anglo-Americans to bring Foreign Direct Investment -- via Indian governments which are proxies for the CIA with all political parties controlled by CIA-RAW -- is an example. But not guns and sword but nuclear weapons are what matter today and who has the nuclear weapons? IndiasTraitorGovtAndMediaDOTblogspot.com Satish Chandra