New Delhi: Acknowledging that consensus eluded the all-party meeting on Lokpal issue, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal  on Thursday said government was confident that it would be able to table the proposed bill in the Winter Session itself.

"I believe that it would be possible. Yesterday, there was an all-party meeting where 35 different parties participated. All had different views on the issue. To say there was broad consensus on the issue would be wrong. This has increased the work load of the government," Bansal said.

"How to compile these 35 different views and then also bringing in government views and to make amendments in the proposed bill," Bansal said, referring to the task at government's hand.

However, "We are working hard on it and I am confident we will be present it in this session," he said.

When pointed out that only one week of the Parliament session was remaining, Bansal said, "We will have to do a lot of hard work and only then it would be possible."

"Even if we do it by 20-21st I don't think why it cannot be done. On one day it can be discussed in one house and on the other day it can be done in the second house," he said.

Bansal said that there was a range of opinions expressed at the all-party meeting held over Lokpal.

"There was no consensus at the all party meeting. Some were of the view that why were we hastening up the whole process. Our aim is how to find a consensus view from the different views given by the parties," he said.

"Some were of the view that Group C should be brought under the Lokpal and some were opposed to the idea as it involved 35 lakh central employees. And how will one institution look after the complaints received against them,"
Bansal said.

"Government has started working now on the issue and its sole effort is to see how we can come up with the bill as soon as possible," he said.

Asked what if the Bill cannot be placed during this session of Parliament, Bansal said, "This question does not arise at this moment. This is too premature and I will say we are working on it."

When asked what would be his request to Anna Hazare, he said, "We are not talking to him, whatever he does is his right. But being a honourable citizen of the nation he should understand that Parliament's job can be done by Parliament only."

"People's 'fatwa' is with Parliament, which includes more than 500 members of Lok Sabha and more than 240 members of Rajya Sabha and they have been given the responsibility that they have to make laws. And we are doing our work," Bansal said.

Lokpal bill could create a 'Gaddafi': Thackeray

After targeting social activist Anna Hazare, the Shiv Sena on Thursday came out strongly against the proposed Jan Lokpal bill, stating it could create a 'Gaddafi' in the country.

'There is no need to create an impression among people that the Jan Lokpal bill will lead to 'Ram Rajya' in the country. There is a need to strengthen the existing anti-graft laws to end corruption in India,' party president Bal Thackeray said.

Toeing his father's line in Thursday's edition of the party mouthpiece, 'Saamna', executive president Uddhav Thackeray said that though his party supported Hazare's anti-corruption movement, it was strongly opposed to the Jan Lokpal bill.

'It is being intensely debated over who and which offices will come under the jurisdiction of the Lokpal. But nobody is discussing who will have jurisdiction over the Lokpal. Lokpal could deal a serious blow to democracy,' Uddhav asserted.

'It should not create a situation whereby we leap from the valley into the well. Until all our doubts in this regard are clarified, we shall oppose the bill,' Uddhav declared.

Reiterating the party's stance that parliament was 'supreme' and that status should not be compromised in any manner, Uddhav said: 'No institution can be above the Constitution.