New Delhi: The UPA government, which is already reeling under severe criticism over coal scam, started to face the fury of common man after diesel price hike in the country.

The left and right wing parties in West Bengal launched massive protest against the Central Government’s harsh decision to increase diesel price and its alleged monopoly in delivering LPG cylinders.

Even the largest ally of the UPA, Trinamool Congress has also decided to protest against this arbitrary notion. The inflation level is likely to increase by September said the TMC sources.Rise in the diesel prices directly affects the pockets of common man. Vegetable prices have increased. The bus operators have also increased their fare.

Maharashtra’s bus fare up

School buses fare has been raised by Rs 30 to Rs 50 in Mumbai. Earlier, fare of small school buses has also been increased from Rs 600 to Rs 650, while the large buses fare has been raised from Rs 650 to Rs 680. The new fare will be effective from October 1.

Taxi drivers hiked cab fare

Both Delhi and Mumbai taxi drivers have raised their cab fare upto 25 percent.

Bus price hike in Uttar Pradesh

Fare of Uttar Pradesh Roadways is likely to surge by 10 percent. Reminder of fuel price hike proposal has been sent to government, which will be executed in two to three days.

From Friday onwards electricity too will be expensive in the state. Also, bus fare of Rajasthan roadways could go up. Maharashtra state transport has recommended government to hike transport fare.

Freight charges costlier by Rs 3 

All India Motor Congress has indicated that charges on freight can be raised up to Rs 3. According to AIMTC’S spokesperson Bhupinder Singh Pandher, transport businessmen have no other option but to increase the freight fare.

Maharashtra State transport has recommended government to hike freight fare by 8 percent.

Vegetable prices rise in Mumbai

Ten percent price hike in vegetable was witnessed in Mumbai on Friday morning. Mumbai Goods Transport Association says that vegetable prices have increased by 7 to 10 percent.

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