New Delhi: The UPA Government had promised to put health sector on priority. Contrary to the expectations, the government has failed to fulfill the promise. The Centre has spent only Rs 72,000 crore on National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) during the last seven years.

Now, the government has also cited the inadequate expenditure on NRHM as the reason behind shortfall in expected expenditure.

The data has been revealed in recent review of health mission. According to the review, NRHM needed an expenditure of Rs 1.75 lakh crore but the current expenditure is much below the expectations.

The review was conducted by the Planning Commission, ministries and non-government organizations. According to the sources, just after coming to the power in 2014, the UPA had initiated health mission with a promise that the annual expenditure on health will be increased to 3 percent of GDP.

Due to the government laxity, the expenditure on health sector is much below in comparison to the other nations. On health sector expenditure, India ranks 178th out of the total 194 nations. However, the Centre puts blame on state government for shortfalls.

However, the government claims that there has been a significant increase in the expenditure on health sector. According to the government, its contribution to health expenditure was only 19.1 percent in 2005 which has increased to 30.3 percent in 2009.

Mukesh Kejariwal/JPN

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