New Delhi: With growing cyber crime graph in the nation, the government is trying to find ways to check the menace. To address the issue, Indian companies will be backed for overseas acquisitions of IT companies that are expert in dealing with the cyber crime. The same tactics have already been adopted by China to keep the situation under control. Chinese companies are already acquiring these companies worldwide.

Due to global slowdown, American and European cyber security companies are ready to be sold. In such scenario, opportunity lies with the Indian companies to acquire and get technical know-how to curb cyber crime. Indian embassies in foreign companies are going to help Indian companies in acquisition process. Indian embassies are instructed to collect information on it.

This decision was taken in a high level meeting to address the issue. The main objective is to ensure national security with the help of technical prowess of Indian companies.  
In last few months, many agencies in their reports have warned India of possible cyber crime threats. India is 5th on the list of most hit countries with cyber crimes. The declared cyber criminals of China and Pakistan are raring to breach the national security system.  Statistics advocate that 9,000 important websites have been hacked in last few years.

From December 2011 to February 2012, 112 government websites have been hacked. During January 2011 and June 2011, 117 government websites were hacked. In the report released by FICCI last month, it is said that if the government does not take any tough measure to curb the cyber crime, economic progress of last decade will go in vain.