"In the garb of Namami Gange and Ganga Rejuvenation programme, the government is planning to finish the Ganga in the Himalayas itself," Yadav said.
"Different studies carried out by scientists have proved that in the massive disaster of June 2013, these hydropower projects have contributed in escalating the disaster. Despite this, the new government, instead of removing these projects, is suggesting construction of new dams in the area," he said.
Yadav stressed that haphazard construction activities are leading to massive deforestation, blasting, tunnel formation, mining crushing and will disrupt the delicate balance of Himalayan ecology.
"This will kill the River Ganga in its womb itself," he said.
The JD(U) supremo also noted that in an an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court two months ago, the government had mentioned the main reasons for the June 2013 disaster as the hydro power projects, which have caused ecological balances.
"Yesterday the same government mentioned in the Supreme Court that there is no reason to think of these projects as a danger to the environment because they met all the substantive and procedural requirements of law,” Yadav said.
"I do not agree with the contention of the government and therefore I have written to the Prime Minister in this regard," Yadav added.

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