New Delhi: Flaying the Centre yet again, Baba Ramdev said the government has shifted its focus from terrorism and corruption to him. The yog guru lashed out at the Congress-led government during a press conference held at the Constitutional Club in the capital.

“The government has stooped so low that it has now decided to destroy me and my colleagues,” he said, adding “In order to malign our reputation, the CBI is busy framing us in some kind of fraud case all the time.”

Talking about his aide, Balakrishna, fake passport case, Ramdev on Monday said, “There is no problem in the passport. The college degree is very authentic and if there is any error in the certificate then the college has to be questioned. Why is Balakrishna being questioned?”

On blackmoney issue he said, “When we talk about bringing illegal money back to the country, it is treated like a joke and when we talk about corruption we are termed as the traitor.”

(JPN/ Bureau)