New Delhi: Blaming the UPA government squarely for the Lokpal fiasco in the Rajya Sabha, Team Anna on Friday lambasted the ruling establishment at the Centre saying it could have passed the anti-graft bill, had it accepted the recommended amendments which were important for making powerful ombudsman.

However, Team Anna chose not to hurl scathing remarks against the parties which were not in favour of forming Lokayukta in states. Two days ago, anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare broke his fast following doctor’s advice, but he firmly said that the fight against corruption will continue.

Arvind Kejriwal and Shanti Bhushan, prominent faces of Team Anna, on Friday said that after Thursday’s incident in Rajya Sabha it is significant to evolve a mechanism to save democracy. They said that Team Anna’s core committee will meet in Ralegan Siddhi on January 2 and 3 to decide the further course of action.

Shanti Bhushan said, “The session could have been stretched but they (government) said session can’t be extended and ended in chaos. We want to bring a strong Lokpal but the government does not have the intention.”

Arvind Kejriwal said, “All amendments proposed by anti-Congress parties were not useless. Especially two of them were highly important for strong Lokpal, autonomy of CBI and removing the government control over the appointment of Lokpal.”