New Delhi: In an effort to control floods in rivers emanating from Nepal, the Centre is in talks with the Nepal government to contain floods that wreak havoc in Bihar year after year.

Among the major issues being discussed includes damming the rivers to regulate the flow of water.

Notably, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had also discussed the matter with Nepal Prime Minister during his visit to India in the month of February.

Replying to a question in the Rajya Sabha, Union Minister of State for Water Resources, Vinset H Pala said that the Central government is taking steps to control floods in Baagmati, Kamla Balan and other rivers in Bihar.

The government is already spending money for construction of embankements on these rivers emanating from Nepal.

In a reply to Professor Anil Kumar Sahni's question regarding the issue of funds for disaster management, Pala said, “Centre has released Rs 544.39 crores under the Five Year Plan for flood management in Bihar."

All flood affected states are financially supported by the Central government. To control floods in the rivers of Ganga basin, the Central government constituted Ganga Flood Control Commission in the year 1972. The main aim of the Commission was to prepare master plan for flood control in states.