Gwalior: The welfare schemes started by the government often fail to reach the needy as the middlemen or top level corrupt officials usually take away major pie.

As many as 10 children of a hostel meant for scheduled castes students in Chinnor village, Gwalior, couldn’t get food for the past six days. A rift between the hostel superintendent, Ramesh Rajput, and helper Dinesh has forced them to starve since March 9. As the children were denied food, they decided to prepare it themselves for few days.

Later, they decided to voice their concerns in front of district convener of District Welfare Department, but it went in vain.

The hunger stricken children finally decided to launch a strike in front of Collector Aakash Tripathi’s house. But to the children’s amazement, they were blamed for the rift between the helper and the superintendent.

Although the administration has promised to initiate an enquiry into the matter, it is yet to make arrangements of meal for the hungry children.