"They (the government) are trying to impose the flawed RSS ideology on students... to crush their imagination, their dreams," Gandhi told reporters here after meeting President Pranab Mukherjee over the escalating student agitation in the national capital and elsewhere in the country.

Gandhi led a delegation of Congress leaders who submitted a memorandum to the President, expressing concern over the 'scenes of utter lawlessness' which were 'an affront to the democratic ideals of this country'.

'The scenes of utter lawlessness playing out on the premises of the court in the heart of the capital are an affront to the democratic ideals of this country," the memorandum said."Journalists, students and teachers are being physically assaulted inside and outside the court premises by a BJP legislator and workers, while the police look the other way and the government remains complacent and silent,' it added.

The memorandum accused the BJP-led central government of lending tacit support to hoodlums."Such lawlessness, in defiance of a Supreme Court directive, on two occasions by the same set of people, some of whom are identified with the ruling dispensation on various fora, cannot but be without the tacit support, encouragement or at best, the indifference of the ruling establishment," it read.


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