New Delhi: Breaking his silence on various allegations surrounding Team Anna, Arvind Kejriwal has charged the government with spoiling the environment by falsely accusing the Team Anna members.

Kejriwal said, “All the members are common people. It is possible to find various shortcomings in them. Punish them but altleast pass the Lokpal Bill. But the government wants to divert the attention of people from the main objective.”

“The Lokpal Bill can be passed in a day, if conscience of the government is clear,” he added.
Pooh-poohing the allegations of Swami Agnivesh as completely baseless, Kejriwal said, “An account has been kept of each and every penny spent throughout the movement. People like Agnivesh work on whose directive is known to all.”

Clearing the speculations about transparency of the Team Anna, he said, “The income tax officials are visiting us on a regular basis and are collecting documents. We are fully cooperating with them but the whole nation is witnessing as to how the government is playing tactics against us.”

Answering to a question whether the statements made by Anna are spoiling the environment between them and the government, he said, “We all are common people. How can we spoil the environment? But, yes, the government is definitely playing a spoilsport.”