New Delhi: It is true that no government machinery has been effective enough to fight rampant corruption in the past 64 years. Perhaps, this is the reason why Gandhian Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption has drawn support from all sections of the society.

Common man has seen enough malpractices and now he wants an answer to all his questions. Therefore when 71-year-old Kisan Baburao Hazare alias Anna started an agitation, every leader from Mumbai to Delhi sat up and took notice.

The man who calls himself ‘fakir’ can draw millions for the common cause of fighting against corruption rampant in the country. His call for agitation has the power to mobilize common people across the country and even shake a government.

The ever increasing corruption necessitated a national movement in the country. This is when, people like Anna Hazare, come into the picture and bring everybody together on common grounds. Today, Hazare has more than 20,000 followers in his fight against corruption.

Problems like irregular power and water supply, bad roads, poor health services, growing illiteracy and unemployment are faced by the common men on a daily basis. All these services come under the states and it is the state government’s responsibility to ensure these basic facilities to the public.

Contrarily, it is the state government employees who are the most corrupt. In addition, these departments either do not have adequate staff or are compelled to depend on others.

On the Central level, however, Central Bureau of Investigation and Central Vigilance Commission do play a significant role in keeping a check on the corruption activities. But, on the state level they cannot give any outstanding performance as their hands are tied by the government.

CVC cannot take action against Joint Secretary or anybody holding a higher post, unless the Central government grants permission.

Even in Vinita Narayan case, the Supreme Court allowed the CVC to take strict action against those involved but the Central government thwarted CVC in the case by passing an act in the Parliament.

It is a known fact that CVC is required to refer to the Central government before initiating any action against the corrupt authorities. Even CBI has been considered a dummy organisation in the hand of political parties.