New Delhi: Accusing the government of manoeuvring in Parliament to defeat the Opposition-sponsored motion against FDI in multi-brand retail trade, Left parties on Friday said a "clear majority" of MPs in both Houses had opposed the move as was reflected in the debate.

The Left also attacked SP accusing it of opportunism and BSP's "dubious" position on the issue.

"The debate in both Houses of Parliament revealed that an overwhelming number of political parties representing a clear majority of MPs are not in favour of allowing FDI in retail trade. This reflects the views of the majority of the people of the country," CPI(M) Politburo said in a statement.

It also blamed Samajwadi Party and BSP for helping the government in getting the motion defeated, despite their opposition to the FDI move.

"Despite the opposition, the government was able to maneouvre to get the motion against FDI in retail trade defeated. This was possible due to the opportunism of SP and dubious position adopted by BSP. Both these parties spoke out against FDI in retail trade but acted in a manner to help the government succeed," the Politburo said after a two-day meeting here. Maintaining that UPA government's decision to allow foreign supermarket chains in retail trade has met with "widespread opposition from all sections of the people throughout the country", it said that in Parliament, after refusing to accept a debate and vote on the issue, the government had to finally accede to the demand.

The "strong opposition" in Parliament and the "actual minority status" of the government on the issue should be used to intensify the struggle against the entry of Walmart and other supermarket chains into India", CPI(M) said, adding it would continue the campaign to mobilise public opinion to prevent the entry of the foreign supermarket chains.

CPI National Secretary D Raja said the government "cannot claim victory as an overwhelming majority of MPs have opposed the move. "They may have won the vote by numbers but the sense of the Houses remains overwhelmingly against the government's decision."

Both the Houses were virtually divided, he said adding "how can the government ignore such an overwhelming opposition?"


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