New Delhi: Indian cities with population of more than one million may have a Municipal Police Service to handle day-to-day law and order if a Home Ministry proposal gets approval of the state governments.

Seeking their views on the proposal, the Home Ministry has conveyed to the state governments that there was a need to set up a Municipal Police Service in cities having population of more than one million and handing over the control of traffic police to civic bodies.

"The Municipal Police should be empowered to deal with the offences prescribed under the municipal laws.  "The function of traffic control, along with traffic police, may be transferred to the local government in all cities having a population of more than one million," the Home Ministry communication said.

According to the 2011 census, the population in 53 Indian cities is more than one million while there are eight cities whose population is more than nine lakh.

Worldwide Municipal Police are law enforcement agencies that are under the control of the municipal government and they receive pay from the city budget. They usually have fewer rights than the "state paid" police.

They are generally preventive police, but their powers are often limited and they may be restricted as to the equipment they can carry.

The Home Ministry proposal came following recommendations of the Administrative Reforms Commission.


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