New Delhi: In a measure to ameliorate teaching in colleges that enable students to face global challenges, the Centre is mulling over bringing reforms in educational system. The old traditional method of teaching in the central and state varsities will meet its doomsday.

In a bid to make higher education a Centre for Excellence, the government has decided to reduce the numbers of college affiliation with the universities and those colleges performing well would be upgraded to state universities.

According to sources, University Grant Commission (UGC) has decided to end the affiliation of colleges with varsities, which is included in the UGC agenda under 12th Five Year Plan.

The UGC officials said, “The universities which could perform well in academics and research field are unable to do anything significant, as they are loaded with scores of colleges.

As for instance, more than 1,000 colleges are affiliated to Usmania University of Hyderabad, while other varsities are attached with 600-700 colleges each.

According to acting Chairman of UGC Prof Ved Prakash, the affiliation of the colleges can be dissolved gradually from the universities. “One of the alternatives is the conversion of those colleges into state varsities, which are up to the standards of a university,” he said.

Dr Prakash said, “Nearly 500 colleges can be turned into state universities. This may help lessen the burden of varsities.”

JPN/Rajkeshwar Singh