The failure to take inspiration from the adage ‘Men make mistakes, only fools repeat them’ in the entire anti corruption crusade has disgraced the Union Government as it had initially granted a three day permission to the protest of Anna Hazare which was later extended to 15 days and the mortified ruling alliance was compelled to provide a relatively bigger ground to the Gandhian. The string of developments in the entire episode reflects the political immaturity and short-sightedness of the UPA government. It is not a healthy sign that the Union Government which has already lost moral strength is still unwilling to part with its gigantic ego. While portraying its no role in the permission granted to Anna Hazare for holding the protest at Ramlila Maidan, the Union Government has made itself a laughing stock. The Centre’s move to hide its face under the guise of Delhi police is not only shameful but also perturbing. At a time, when the Centre should step forward to accept the responsibility for all its decisions, it instead made much hue and cry over this issue showcasing to the world that it was nowhere in the scene. How can such a government which has turned its back towards the mass movement, be termed fit to govern a country? In this government, there would be many faces who would have not as yet forgotten the emergency period of 1977. They should be well-versed when compare to that era the masses of the present generation is more exasperated and vocal. People are slowly but surely losing faith in the Union Government. The Centre cannot hide under the abili for long that the task of framing laws is of the Parliament only. It is the responsibility of the Parliament to ensure the public opinion before framing any law is to be sought similarly the way done in the amendment of the Land Acquisition Act. The Parliament will be able to expedite its responsibility only when the political parties especially the ruling alliance will forgo their ego that only it has the right to judge an issue. If the people do not have the right to frame laws, the ruling alliance has no supernatural powers and it can also commit errors.

The Union Government should try to avoid misleading the people by making unwarranted statement about Anna Hazare trying to challenge the supremacy of the Parliament. The bitter truth is that the Union Government is misusing the powers of the Parliament and making a dent in its dignity. It is hard to figure out that the government which is willing to introduce drafts prepared by National Advisory Council in the Parliament, is frowning before the Jan Lokpal draft. Under normal circumstances, the Government’s version on the Lokpal Bill could have been tolerated, however the masses in the present scenario will not make any compromise on the smoldering issue. As the deceitful moves of the Centre have given birth to unusual circumstances, it is essential to withdraw the Government draft of Lokpal Bill and fresh rounds of deliberations should be started to evolve an effective mechanism for Ombudsman. If the Government agrees to the move, it would be astute for the Civil Society members to give them one more opportunity. It would be better if the Union Government approaches the Civil Society for discussions and accept its mistake. This appears to be the only way for the reconciliation.