New Delhi: Despite rising cases of hemophilic patients in the country, the government has not taken initiative to curb the disease. Hemophilia is a life threatening bleeding disorder.

According to Hemophilia foundation in Delhi, there are 250 hemophilic patients have been reported only in the national capital itself. As many as 80,000 men have been suffering from this disease and one in ten thousand born is positive with hemophilia, said sources.

It is only AIIMS which has the facility for detection of hemophilia in foetal stage. Free medicines for hemophilia are doled out at government hospitals in Delhi.

In persons with hemophilia, blood does not clot normally due to deficiency or absence of clotting proteins called Factors. After bleeding starts, it takes longer to stop bleeding.

According to experts, “The only way to curb hemophilia is to examine the foetus whether it is hemophilic. If result is positive, the foetus has to be terminated.”

Hemophilia is more likely to occur in males than females. This is because females have two X chromosomes while males have only one, so the defective gene is guaranteed to manifest in any male who carries it, experts added.