Allahabad: There is a relief for employees who leave India for working abroad and vice versa. Now, Employee Provident Fund (EPF) income of salaried employees will not be seized who discontinue their job midway.

Under the Social Security Scheme (SSS), the Central Government has signed a pact with Belgium, Germany and Switzerland in this respect. The Government is holding talks with America and Britain as well.

Employees of Indian multinational companies often go abroad looking for a greener pasture while many foreign nationals come to India looking for a job.

The government used to confiscate the EPF income of the employees who quit their job mid way due to absence of SSS agreement between the countries. Due to break in service, employees had to bear the loss of pension as well.

Brajesh Kumar Singh, Regional Commissioner, Employees Provident Fund said, “The government took up the initiative of signing agreement with other countries.”

The benefit of this agreement is that if an employee decides to stay permanently in any foreign country, he will be granted EPF and pension for the services he had done in India.