Government in its order has attached a draft oath which every government official will have to undertake on October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti) which will be a working day for them this year.

"All the offices will open on October 2, 2014 in the forenoon and officers/officials will be directed to report at 9 am. A senior officer be designated to administer Cleanliness Pledge to all the employees as 9.30 am. Thereafter, the officers/officials will voluntarily carry out cleaning of their office premises from inside and outside," the order said.

The pledge states that Mahatma Gandhi had dreamt of a developed and clean country.

"It is our duty that I will clean the country to serve Mother India. I take oath that I will remain conscious about sanitary practices and devote time for that. I will devote 100 hours every year meaning two hours every week for reaching this goal," it states.

The pledge says that officials will neither indulge in unhygienic practices nor let others do it.

"I will start the cleanliness drive from myself, my family, my neighbourhood and my workplace. I believe that countries which are clean because their citizens believe in sanitary practices. The pledge that I am taking, I will administer to 100 others. I will try that those 100 also work towards hygiene and sanitation," the oath said.

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