New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) was formed by the Centre by specially keeping terror cases in mind, but the delay in handing over the recent Mumbai blast probe to the NIA has raised many questions against the Government.

The delay has also left the NIA officials a dejected lot as the delay multiplies the difficulty in investigation.

The delay in transferring the probe is also putting the Maharashtra police competence in question.

The NIA Act provides that based on the preliminary reports sent by the local police about an incident the Centre must decided at the earliest whether the incident is a terror attack and whether the case is fit for an NIA probe.
The law states that the Government has to decide within 15 days of the terror attack about the fate of the probe. But the majority of cases are delayed even for months. 

Although NIA teams are already helping the Maharashtra Police and the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) from the day one of the Mumbai serial blasts, but the team has to work under the direction of ATS.