It is commendable that the government is finally taking some steps to bolster the tattered economy. Instead of inviting so much criticism, the government should have adopted these measures long time back rather than pinning blame on external matters. More importantly these measures should be implemented as soon as possible. The government knows it very well that several bills have been pending in the Parliament or waiting for Cabinet nod. The government has to show strong political will if it is serious in reviving the fizzling economy. More so as the UPA allies have often acted as roadblocks and bothered least for the country. It is almost expected that some of the allies along with the Trinamool Congress will come up with sharp criticism of the government over economic reforms. However, the Congress should be ready to face such criticism head on. If the UPA works as a cohesive unit then the opposition can be forced to help the government on matters relating to national importance.

Had the Congress government at the Centre been a little alert regarding economic slowdown then probably we wouldn’t have arrived at such a situation. It is difficult to say as to when did the Congress leaders will realize the need to seriously deal with deteriorating economic condition as the government was plagued by departmental conflicts. Probably this is the reason that the Prime Minister had to admit that the government has no control over the economic condition which reveals his helplessness. Hence pending reforms should be promptly executed. Until and unless the government doesn’t begin working in this direction economic condition are not going to change. The government also has an arduous task of winning over the confidence of the people.