"From non-Euro norms to Euro 4 norms for diesel we have travelled some distance. Our plan is to introduce BSIV norms pan India in the next two years," Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Additional Secretary Ambuj Sharma said here at the 5th SIAM Diesel Conference 'Emission roadmap for Future'.
Sounding bullish on the target, he said: "It is achievable target which we are going to achieve. We are not going to sleep on it."
India had enforced Bharat stage III norms across the country since October 2010, while in 13 major cities, Bharat stage IV emission norms were put in place since April 2010.
On the future roadmap, Sharma said: "Now there are demands to jump from Euro 4 to Euro 6 norms...the petroleum sector wants to skip Euro 5 norms and straight way go to Euro 6 as they want to avoid investing twice on the technology advancement."
He said the industry should look at increasing diesel engine efficiency by bringing in cost effective hybridisation. It will help in achieving emissions norms.
Reacting to such demand, Mahindra & Mahindra Executive Director Pawan Goenka said: "The jump from BSIV (equivalent of Euro 4) to BSVI (equivalent of Euro 6) standards by 2023 would be too much of a significant technological jump for the auto firms. We feel shifting from Euro 4 to Euro 6 would be difficult."
Sharma said the government was ready to work with the auto industry for the development of India specific technology development projects.
Stressing on the need to push for technological advancements, he said in the next ten years number of passenger vehicles in India is expected to increase from around 2.7 million to around 9 million.
Two-wheeler industry is expected to grow from 15 to 33 million and similarly CV industry is also expected to grow, he added.
Ashok Leyland Managing Director Vinod K Dasari said diesel will play important role in energy security and the industry has worked hard to make diesel a clean fuel over the years.
"Concrete roadmap for emissions in India is a very important step," he added.