Rewari:  It seems that education in primary schools run by the state government is catering to the interest of only poor children or Scheduled Castes (SCs) or those who want to avail the scholarships for deprived or the parents who discriminate against girl child.

According to a report, the government-run primary schools here are in an endangered condition, as the Education Department’s claims over the last few years to provide free education to all have proved futile.

“In 2011, total number of students in 444 primary schools was 31,704 in comparison to 47,205 students in 2010. Of these, the number of SC students was 29,417,” sources in District Primary Education office said.

Citing the plight of primary schools struggling for survival, the sources said, the scenario is still dismal while the state government has decided to give a scholarship of Rs 100 for the SC students and Rs 150 for the girls. Besides, the figures also reveal that the girls admitted to schools have always outnumbered the boys.

However, if we look at the sex ratio, it has always pointed out at the declining ratio of girls.

In Mahendragarh district, the number of girls in primary schools has recently been more than boys, and in the last academic year also there was a little difference in the number of boys and girls.

Surprisingly, there are hundreds of such students who are studying in the private schools, but their names are also recorded in primary schools just to avail scholarship.

Describing the poor state of primary schools in the state, District Primary Teachers Association chief Surendra Singh Yadav says in such a scenario it would be difficult for such schools to survive.